Individual Dual Sessions with Meredith & Jill

One of the most important components of any recovery whether that is an eating disorder, addiction, trauma, anxiety, mood, etc…is the collaboration of all treatment team providers.  If you’ve ever experienced the confusion that emerges when you hear different answers from different providers, then you can fully understand the importance of collaboration.  Best patient care drives the highest ethical standards and one of the best ways to ensure this is with all providers finding effective means of communicating with one another on all aspects of your care.


One of our favorite ways of treatment team collaboration with eating disorders, in particular, is doing joint sessions with another provider.  What better way to ensure all providers are on the same page and giving consistent messages and recommendations to our client along with the collaboration of the client and his or her thoughts and feelings?  In my experience, there are many profound light bulb moments when engaging in these sessions.  As providers, we deepen our understanding of each other’s role in the treatment process without practicing beyond our own scope.  We also provide a safe atmosphere for our clients to have healthy relationships with all providers by reducing mixed messages or any unintentional splitting of providers that can sometimes occur.  


Harmony Therapy Group has partnered with Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Therapy to form an additional practice called A Collaborative Approach designed just for this benefit to clients.  With therapist and dietitian co-led individual sessions, family sessions, groups and supervision for other providers, we consolidate the time, effort and money spent in seeking these services separately without compromising on the quality of care.

Individual Dual Sessions are offered Wednesday-Friday.

Virtual Appointments Only  


Times as mutually scheduled.   


Initial Intake (90 minutes): $300

Follow Up Appointments (up to 75 minutes): $250

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