• Dietitians often times have minimal or no training in counseling skills or an understanding of the therapeutic process, various treatment modalities (CBT, DBT, ACT, etc.), or the complexity of varying mental health concerns in which many individuals with eating disorders may experience (co-morbid disorders).

At A Collaborative Approach, we understand the benefits of having two disciplines supervising those in the process of obtaining their CEDRD or CEDS.

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  • Similarly, therapists have minimal training in the importance of nutrition intervention in the treatment of eating disorders and lack understanding how nutrition counseling and adequate nutrition plays a crucial role in the recovery process (healing the brain, balanced nutrition, nutrition education, etc.). 


Why not have a CEDRD & CEDS supervise you

at the same time?

IAEDP requires 75% of ones supervision hours from their respective field. At A Collaborative Approach, you will be able to receive 100% of your required hours through both a therapist and dietitian.

What we offer:


Joint supervision group-$50/group 

Upcoming dates:

September 11 @ 12pm CST/1pm EST


Group supervision includes a 30-45 minute educational video based on the IAEDP recommended topics to sit for the exam or referring one of our podcast topics. 

Monthly, depending on demand

Individual joint supervision- $85/session (Requires 2 participants)

Upcoming dates:

August 28 @ 12:00pm CST/1:00pm EST or August 28 @ 3:00pm CST/4:00pm EST


Mutually scheduled with Jill and Meredith.


Please call 281-869-6160 x 1 or email

for additional information. 

We look forward to supporting you in your journey to becoming a



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